Gestural Topology: Capturing and Augmenting Body Motion with Robotic Arms


SOCIAL: @c._.e._.mori @rileystudy


Objects made by the human hand are inherently unique. Hand-crafting can be understood, in one iconoclastic sense, as unique positions and orientations of the human hand in space over time. If this sequence of information is recorded, then the information can be repeated, edited, hacked, corrupted, and augmented.

This workshop will begin with manually pouring liquid wax onto 3D geometries from multiple angles to build up complex spatial topologies. This hand-craft process will be recorded by hand-tracking technology, & the data will be fed into an artificial neural network to be autonomously read & rearranged. Ultimately, these new arrangements of data will represent new complex spatial topologies of wax, & can be used as a set of instructions for a robot arm to fabricate a new, larger, & more complex object. These objects will have the material signatures of robotic fabrication, the compositional organizations of artificial neural networks, & the inalienable echoes of the human hand.

This workshop will hybridize these methods into a process and conversation, with the physical outcome for each participant being an artifact of robotic movement and data manipulation, crystalized by layering streams of wax into a thick & complex topology in the round.