Collaboration Between Design and Automated Fabrication: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Workflows in Architecture with ABB Industrial Robots Using COMPAS_RRC


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This hands-on workshop introduces you to COMPAS_RRC and ABB’s GoFa collaborative robot line. COMPAS_RRC is an easy-to-use online control software package for ABB robots including the GoFa family and the various ABB RobotWare software (RW5, RW6 and RW7). We will lead you through the complete installation process and show you a design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) workflow in architecture that connects a design environment (Rhino/Grasshopper) to the robotic fabrication setup.

Through small-scale exercises, participants will gain an understanding of basic and advanced COMPAS_RRC functions and investigate the ability to control multiple robots through a single script. By creating a custom instruction, participants will engage with the power of the well-established ABB ecosystem. These exercises will facilitate participants to understand the possibilities of easier collaboration with ABB’s automation specialists. Learnings from this test scale can be readily scaled up to your future full-scale productions.

This workshop will equip participants with the necessary skills to explore the power of industrial robotics and combine those with the freedom of modern python-based software frameworks like COMPAS. Join us to unlock your potential with COMPAS_RRC and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation.

CSALT x COMPAS RRC short video


Workshop hosts will lead participants through some basic ABB software (RobotStudio) and will introduce Compas_RRC, so no prior knowledge of these are necessary.

Participants should have the ability to:

  1. open Rhino and to draw a basic shape, and
  2. open Grasshopper and manipulate one parameter of that shape
  3. download Python (it’s not necessary to know how to use it).