Collaborative Augmented Assembly: Task Distribution in Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly with Phone-based Augmented Reality


SOCIAL: @danielamitterberger @lidiatanasova @kathrin_doerfler


Human-in-the-loop design and production chains have the potential to leverage machine intelligence while incorporating a holistic engagement of designers and fabricators. Harnessing the capabilities of humans within robotic fabrication processes thus holds substantial potential to enhance versatility, robustness, and productivity, particularly in the context of on-site construction.

As part of this workshop, participants will have the chance to learn about and engage in a cooperative and augmented human-robot design-to-assembly workflow, where humans and robots join forces to work in synergy; that is, by enabling the creation of a complex timber structure that would be unattainable through either's efforts alone.

Initially, a digital design tool guided by human input will be used to create the timber assembly's information model, considering fabrication constraints, structural stability, and the distribution of tasks between humans and robots, ensuring structural integrity and fabricability at each assembly step. During the augmented assembly, two mobile robots will precisely position timber members and occasionally provide temporary support at critical points in the timber structure. Human participants play an essential role in manually closing the reciprocal frames of the structure and adding mechanical connectors. Both humans and robots will share a digital-physical workspace, with humans receiving task instructions through a mobile AR interface, utilizing novel COMPAS XR features.


Knowledge: Basic experience in Rhino and Grasshopper is an advantage.
Equipment: Laptop