Call for Workshop Proposals


  • Call announced – May 3, 2023
  • Proposals due – Call closed August 29, 2023
  • Notification – October 6, 2023
  • Workshops – May 21-23, 2024


WORKSHOP CALL (now closed for review)

ROB|ARCH 2024 seeks proposals for 3-day intensive workshops that explore the use of robots in art, design, architecture, and construction. These workshops should provide participants hands-on experience using robotic tools and equipment to create innovative and engaging works. The workshop results will be part of an exhibition(s) curated by the ROB|ARCH 2024 host team.

Workshops should be designed to accommodate a range of skill levels and to be accessible to participants from various backgrounds, including artists, designers, architects, students, creative technologists, and hobbyists. The intent is both to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration, and to encourage participants to explore new and innovative ways of using robotic tools in their creative practice. We welcome proposals from individuals, collectives, or industry, and encourage collaborations between disciplines/fields.

Workshops will have an initial budget of $2,500 CAD to cover expenses. Applicants are encouraged to seek further funding and partnerships to enable their work, and companies or institutions supporting workshops will be listed as workshop sponsors on conference marketing materials (letters of support can be provided by the organizers for accepted proposals). Up to two conference registration fees per workshop are included for instructors.

The organizers are mindful that this budget may be insufficient for those travelling great distances or applying without the support of institutions. Further funding may be available to groups with exceptional proposals, so applicants are encouraged to outline the need for increased budget in applying.


Deadline for submission: Call closed August 29, 2023 – 11:59 PM EDT

Proposals should provide the following:

  1. Workshop Title
  2. Workshop Team
    Names, institutions, titles, emails. Please include CV(s) at the end of the PDF proposal.
  3. Workshop Description
    Max 500 words, a non-scientific description that clearly outlines the topic and output of the workshop.
  4. Workshop Schedule
    Overview of the three-day schedule + daily structure.
  5. Workshop Participants
    List any special requirements for the workshop (e.g., PC, Rhino 7, knowledge of KukaPRC, etc.). The workshop should be accessible to participants of all levels. Plan for 15 participants in each workshop.
  6. List of Equipment/Special Requirements
    Please specify which robot is preferred or if you’ll be bringing a custom robot, end-of-arm tooling (provided by the workshop team or from the list below of available robots/tooling at host institutions), power/air requirements for EOAT, space requirements, software, etc.
  7. Workshop Materials
    Please specify the materials and approximate cost.
  8. Supporting Images
    Provide proof of concept, process, and final images related to the proposed workshop. Combine these into a single-page PDF. If accepted, we will request high-resolution images.
  9. Proposed Budget
    Detail all workshop expenses, indicate how the honorarium will be used, anticipated sponsorship/in-kind support, and how funds will be secured.

*If accepted, workshop details, statements, and high-resolution images, submitted with the proposal and captured during the workshops, will be used in marketing materials and published online. 


ROB|ARCH 2024 will see a diverse collection of workshops run together over three days. These workshops will demonstrate and engage participants in emerging methods of practice with technology in relation to social, political and environmental changes, challenges, and emergencies.

In reviewing the workshop proposals received, the Workshop Leads will give particular consideration to applications that demonstrate:

  • Sustainable material practices
  • Proposal feasibility
  • Contemporary relevance
  • Participant learning opportunities
  • Projects led by or supporting equity-seeking groups and communities
  • Outward reach and impact on diverse creative fields (i.e. fashion, art, graphics)


Workshops can propose using any robot, from industrial arms, collaborative arms, drones, or custom robots. The hosts will try to match your workshop with the appropriate robot. Please note:

(1) Additional machinery and/or robots may be acquired from our robot sponsors based on availability and exceptional workshop ideas.

(2) As well as the equipment listed below, both sites have fully equipped wood and metal facilities (including welding) that will be available to all accepted workshops.

Design + Technology Lab at The Creative School
Toronto Metropolitan University

KR150 - r2500 on a 4-meter linear rail + 8th axis turntable. Available end-of-arm tooling:

  • Hotwire bows (24” + 48”) w/ industrial power supply
  • 10hp spindle
  • ExOn 8 pellet extruder (heavily modified)
  • Schunk grippers

KR10 - r1100 Agilus (x2)  - both on an aluminum extrusion table

  • Schunk gripper
  • Pen attachment
  • Industrial 12” + 24” hot knife
  • Vacuum pad

UR10e on a 4-meter Vention linear rail. Available end-of-arm tooling:

  • Robotiq 2F-85 gripper
  • Robotiq AirPick vacuum gripper w/ up to 4 air nodes
  • Custom Dyze Typhoon 2.85 filament extruder w/ 1.2 + 2.5 nozzles

CNC & Specialty Equipment

  • multiCAM CNC
  • RICOH Large Format Flatbed Printer
  • Stoll Knitting Machine
  • Shaper Origin
  • Tormach Metal Mill
  • Tracker Plasma Cutter
  • Wazer Water Jet Cutter
  • Voltera Printer
  • Vinyl Cutter

3D Printers

  • Mosaic Array
  • Formlabs - Fuse 1
  • Formlabs Form 2
  • Formlabs Form 3
  • SLS Print Cleaning Station
  • Markforged Mark Two
  • (25x) desktop FDM printers
  • 3Devo Shred it Plastic Recycler
  • Industrial Pellet Dryer
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

Laser Cutters

  • Trotec SP2000
  • Trotec SP500
  • Epilog Fusion M2

AR, VR, and XR Equipment

  • Occulus Quest 2
  • (x2) Occulus Go
  • Peel 3D Academia 50 3D scanner
  • Rokoko Smartsuit Pro + Mocap studio
  • Epson Pro 3LCD Laser Projector


  • (x2) DJI Maverick Mini
  • DJI FPV Drone

Other Equipment

  • Euclid Kiln
  • Pug Mill

John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
University of Toronto

KR150 R2700 extra on a 4-meter linear rail. Available end-of-arm tooling:

  • 20HP Milling spindle w 10 tool ATC and tool measuring system
  • Schunk Pneumatic Gripper
  • Schmalz vacuum gripper
  • Wasp XL clay extruder with (2x) 5L tanks
  • Blank Schunk ATC Manual Attachment for custom end effector attachment
  • Linear actuated table saw

(x2) UR10e mounted on linear aluminum extrusion mobile carts. Available end-of-arm tooling:

  • (x2) Robotiq 2F-85 grippers w gripper finger swap to 2F-140 fingers
  • Robotiq AirPick vacuum gripper

CNC & Specialty Equipment

  • AXYZ 3-Axis Router
  • Roland MDX-540 4 Axis Router
  • Flowjet Mach2 waterjet cutter

3D Printers

  • Stratasys F120 FDM
  • 3D Systems Projet 650/660pro
  • 3D Systems Projet 360

Laser Cutters

  • (x7) Universal Laser Systems PLS 6.150D
  • Universal Laser Systems ILS 12.150D

Other Equipment

  • Euclid Kiln
  • Pug Mill